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Plantation Shutters in Arlington County
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Arlington is one of the largest counties in Virginia. Located just minutes from Washington, D.C, Arlington is a thriving county with a strong national government connection. Home to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and major centers for higher education, the opportunities in Arlington County are limitless. There are several memorials and trails in Arlington, as well as Theodore Roosevelt Island. 

Falls Church is located in Arlington County, as are many other towns and neighborhoods near D.C. Arlington County has a thriving arts community thanks to Signature Theatre and Synetic Theatre. The Twilight Tattoo stages regular military performances to teach the stunning history of our country right in Arlington County. 

Plantation Shutters for Your Home in Arlington County, VA

The history and beauty of plantation shutters make them an Arlington County favorite. These plantation shutters date back centuries, but have remained a timeless classic. Shenandoah Shutters has been manufacturing custom made, hardwood plantation shutters for decades in Richmond, Virginia. We’ll provide your Arlington County home with sophisticated plantation shutters that allow you to filter the natural Virginia sunlight in and out of your home. 

The filtered light of plantation shutters can’t be achieved by any other window treatment. This warm light creates an inviting ambiance in each room of the house, ideal for everything from nights at home with family to parties and gatherings with friends. 

Plantation Shutters of the Highest Quality

At Shenandoah Shutters, we believe that plantation shutters are at their best when only the finest American hardwoods are used in the production. We use woods like yellow poplar, basswood, cherry, oak, and mahogany to craft plantation shutters that fit right in with your existing wooden furniture. All of our plantation shutters are hand finished with a silky lacquer that leaves no room for error. Request a custom color for your plantation shutters or rich stains and creams. 

The traditional look of plantation shutters is a beloved classic, but modern twists are growing in popularity. We offer our own patented Softedge design to conceal the shutter hinges when they’re closed. This is an ideal option for tilt-ins and casements. Have a difficult installation need or an oddly shaped window? We can install tricky installations using magnets. We can also install our plantation shutters on any window. French doors, arches, and everything in between can be measured and fitted with a high quality plantation shutter.

Plantation shutters are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and increase the resale value of your home. In a bustling county like Arlington, they also serve as an extra layer of privacy. 

Scheduling An Appointment for Your Plantation Shutters

If you’re ready to invest in elegant plantation shutters for your Arlington County home, give Shenandoah Shutters a call today. We’ll provide a free, in-home design consultation complete with samples and answers to all of your questions about plantation shutters. Get a head start on planning by browsing our gallery of product images.

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