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Plantation Shutters in Amherst County, Virginia
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Amherst County is a proudly rural, scenic county located near central Virginia. Residents of Amherst County appreciate the peace and quiet that the county offers, as well as the picturesque landscape. Amherst is home to incredible recreation opportunities, orchards, vineyards, and farms. You’ll also find plenty of wonderful small businesses to enjoy in Amherst.

An hour from Charlottesville and two hours from Richmond, Amherst and Madison Heights are familiar communities in Amherst County. 

Plantation Shutters for Your Amherst County, VA Home

In a county as visually stunning as Amherst, plantation shutters are the ideal choice for home window treatments. With plantation shutters, you can filter in and out the natural Virginia sunlight for a warm ambiance that simply can’t be achieved by any other window treatment, including blinds. 

Shenandoah Shutters is located only a couple of hours away from Amherst County. We’ve been manufacturing hardwood plantation shutters since 1990. Our shutters are designed with care and quality in mind. We use only fine American woods to craft your plantation shutters. In fact, we even choose our woods based on the cream, stain, or color chosen for your plantation shutter. For stains, we enjoy using a basswood to help bring out the richness of the color. For creams, we use a yellow poplar wood for a more vibrant color. We can also use requested specialty woods, including cherry and mahogany, to match your existing moulding or home furnishings. All of our shutters are hand finished with a silken lacquer that resembles fine wooden furniture. 

Wood is a naturally rustic material, making it ideal for the rugged nature of Amherst County. Plus, hardwood plantation shutters are one of the few renovations that add value to your home. Your home’s resale value is increased when you install plantation shutters. Your home will also be more energy-efficient. 

With scenery as powerful as the views of Amherst County, you might choose larger louvers that let in more light. The style of louver (the wooden slats that open and close) is completely your choice. These are custom made plantation shutters.

There’s no need to worry about an oddly shaped window, either. Shenandoah Shutters can craft plantation shutters to fit everything from arches and sunbursts to sliding glass doors. We even have our own patented Softedge design that conceals your hinges when the shutters are closed.

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